• Formal
  • Work/life balance
  • Form and function
  • Sophisticated
  • Quality-driven
  • Detail-oriented

"Wow! I love what you've done with your home!" Claire hears those words. A lot!

Claire is a planner. When looking to build new or remodel her home, she has a look that she wants to achieve and researches her options extensively. Claire stays on top of trends and what's new in architecture, products for the home and interior design. Claire knows what she wants, which makes it relatively easy for Claire to make product selections

Claire tends towards formal and traditional styles in her home. You'll usually see lots of symmetry in the design, such as centering a fireplace precisely opposite the kitchen island. Claire tends towards formal entertaining as well, so generious entertaining spaces, inside and out, are especially important.

When buidling a new home, Claire will show up at the jobsite frequently, just to make sure everything's moving along as per her expactations. One of those expectations is that her builder is an orchestrator-making sure every detail has been planned out and communicated. From the materials used ot the landscaping and how the home is situated on the homesite, everything is superbly coordinated. She was born detail-orientated, but her appreciation for quality is a learned trait. Quality, brand-name products are found throughout Claire's home to the extend the budget allows.

Claire gives 100% to whatever she's doing. At home, that means she may be a master gardener or a gourmet chef. So while she envisions her home being a showcase relative to her budget, her practical side means it also has to function superbly. So, that gourmet kitchen may need to accommodate two cooks at the same time.

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