Custom Design & Build

The images above are from an actual custom home designed with one of our clients.  The interior rendering perspectives show how finished interior spaces might look in the finished home.


Custom Home design affords you the opportunity to get exactly the home you seek designed specifically to work on your lot while taking into full account your wants and desires .  There are two approaches commonly used:

Traditional Custom Design and Build

Traditionally, custom design and build has involved hiring mulitple firms: an architect, engineer, and builder. The architect's primary responsibility is to develop the floorplan and elevations.  In residential design detailed specifications and finish schedules are often not provided with the final drawings due to costs.  For strucural elements an engineer may be hired to provide structural details.  Only at the end of the design process, are builders interviewed and pricing requested.  With this approach the pricing from builders may vary greatly if detailed specifications, product selection, and finish schedules are not provided.  Customers are often surprised when the home, as designed, costs far more than expected and the design must be reworked.  Often the process is abandoned at this stage and an alternative method chosen. The money spent is largely wasted. Overall, this process is inefficient, expensive, and time consuming and is rarely used in residential construction.

The VC Design and Build Approach

At VC Design and Build we think the best approach is for one firm to both design and build your home.  This approach allows you to develop a single consistent relationship from project concept to completion.  Our team works with you to learn more about your vision, goals, and objectives. We help bring your vision to life with design renderings that help you "see" the design.  We also offer suggestions for options that have proven popular with other clients, such as small pocket offices or lay down areas that help keep clutter out of the kitchen.  Combining your ideas and vision with our experience allows us to develop a beautiful home that "lives" the way you and your family live. As we design your home we consult with our build team to assess the best construction methods to utilize, both from a structural and cost standpoint. In many cases our build team tours the home site and recommends simple alterations to the design or placement of your home that can result in significant savings. For example, side loading garages are a popular option with many clients, however, on sloping lots the side entry necessitates the need for a retaining wall and the import of fill material. A simple change to a front load garage may result in savings of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

When it comes to pricing the design and build approach is a winner as well.  Design is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to price. Many times we rework design after initial pricing to reduce the overall budget. It is an iterative process as we work to provide the features you want within the budget you have set for yourself.

We have developed relationships with the very best sub contractors, suppliers, and vendors in the region and our buying power is very strong. As we develop your pricing we will be completely transparent and honest. You will know exactly what is going into your home and the cost involved including money allocated to VC Design and Build. It's your money, not ours, and you deserve to understand how it's being spent. Finally, we will always tell you the truth and will never compromise the quality of construction to meet a price and win a job. Both you and our reputation are more important to us than that!


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about Geothermal heat pumps and Radiant Floor heating.  These are popular options in high end homes and tax credits may help offset up to 30% of qualified costs.

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