• Traditional
  • Work/Life balance
  • Function over form
  • Practical
  • Family-oriented

Elise is "traditional" in nearly every sense of the word-traditional in her expecations, her values, her outlook on life, her parenting style. Traditional carries over into her home, in its design, product choices and materials. Stainless steel and concrete countertops are not often found in Elise kitchens

If you have elise as friends, you are blessed. Elise is a nurturer, an encourager and developes deep, meaningful, life-giving relationships. Elise receives joy from being with family and friends. You're always welcome in Elise's home, and her entertaining areas indoors and our are conducive to relaxed conversations.

In her work life, Elise likes structure and having established procedures and is not a fan of "change." She takes pride in her work, getting it done on time and with minimal supervision. Elise is a good manager of projects and people, and takes direction well. At the end of the work day, Elise happily leaves work behind because there are more important things in her life than work

Elise favors dependable, practical and low maintenance products for the home. Living the adage "a place for everything, and everything in its place," she prides herself on a neat, tidy, orderly home. Elise appreciates pretty things, but if the choice is between aesthetics and brand-name relability, Elise will usually opt for the later.

Some Elises would sooner take their pets ot the vet than themselves to the doctor. Elise tends to put others' needs, wants and desires ahead of her own, and takes pleasure in others' happiness and seeing them succeed. In planning her home, Elise will prioritize accommodating everyone in her household. She's also likely have heirlooms and family treasure on display in her home.

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