• Casual
  • Work/life balance
  • Function over form
  • Spontaneous
  • Project/activity-driven
  • Free-spirited

Maggie is casual and carefree. She doesn't take life too seriously, and she's comfortable "in her own skin." Not too traditional and not too contemporary, Maggie favors naturals - not surprising, since she also tends to be environmentally-conscious.

Maggie lives to enjoy life and experience all that life has to offer! She's open trying new things, whether that's parasailing or a new product for her home. Maggie tends to parent the same way, encouraging her children to give everthing a try. And those things her kids get involved in, Maggie does too.  If her girls are scouting, she's be a leader.  If her son's playing soccer, she'll help with the coaching.

When you're invited to Magie's house Friday after work, know that's it's going to be FUN! It may be a movie night (Maggies have a difficult time seeing themselves in a new home until they understand where the big screen TV will go); bunko, a pink poker night, or a scrapbooking party- girls' night out at Maggies' place is about having a good time.

Of course, all of those interests may mean specialized storage needs for Maggie. Too often overlooked, storage for sporting gear, luggage, hobbies and crafts, etc. helps manage her life. More than merely interested, Maggie tends to be passionately involved in her pursuits. Which leads to busyiness and over-commitment, so Maggie is interested in anything that's easy to care for because it gives her back a little more time for what's really important. "Maintenance-free" is mentally freeing!

Flexiblity rules in Maggie's life, and it's evidenced in her home. Dual purpose rooms (den/guest room), easily re-configured spaces and places to leave 'projects-in-progress" undisturbed are prized amentities in a Maggie home.

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Alzheimer's Association
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