• Contemporary
  • Work/Life balance
  • Form over function
  • Edgy
  • Gloal-riented
  • Individualistic

"Modern" is a word that describes Margo well. While she can appreciate her heritage, her focus is on the now and the future. An early embracer of new and different, Margo is an agent of change. She'll challenge "that's the way we've always done it." Change is exciting and holds the promise of something better - even if there's a bit more risk associated with "new."

Margos often love what they do, in terms of work and volunteerism. In fact, Margo may arrive home after a long day at work only to pull out her tablet or laptopand jump right back on what's she had been working on. Because for Margo, work is inspiring, intriguing and even energizing! Amenities which enhance working from home are popular with Margo buyers. Many times a lifelong learner, Margo will be looking for an "inspiration room" which may serve as a home office, creative zone and personal space.

Margos tend to be attracted to geometric shapes such as curved walls and angled spaces. Many Margo also favor minimalism. Hidden storage in the kitchen rather than showy cabinetry, and stained concrete floors (in lieu of tile or wood) are popular with Margo.

Margo is highly intuitive, and trusting her intuition has served her well. When looking for products for her home, Margo often selects item which are nwe and unique. In fact she prefers not to have "best selling" and "most popular" simply because Marog is more individualistic than that. Others may view some of Margo's chocies as a bit edgy, but that's now Margo sees them. "Cool" and "innovative" just seem to connect with Margo. Everywhere she looks in her home, she likes what she sees!

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