Semi-Custom Design

The before and after images above show how simple changes can offer a completely different feel to critical home spaces

Semi-custom design and build is a great approach for developing a customized plan and, depending on the degree of change, is usually faster and less expensive than full custom home design.  With this method our design team starts with an existing plan, either already owned by us, or purchased from others, and makes desired modifications.  Many times we will suggest changes to make the home more livable.  For example, a common problem with purchased plans is spaces shown are inadequate.  Imagine a shower that is only 30 inches wide or a kitchen nook that only has 2 feet between the wall and the table.  If built this way the space would be very tight for every day living.  Our design team will help identify these trouble areas and suggest changes.

Once the plan is finalized the process is the same as with custom design and build.  Our team will work with you to better understand the features and finishes you desire and develop pricing based on your wishes.  We often find, after initial pricing, that we go through another design iteration to either add back items that were originally removed or make further design changes to reduce costs. It is an iterative process as we work to provide the features you want within the budget you have set for yourself.

We have developed relationships with the very best sub contractors, suppliers, and vendors in the region and our buying power is very strong. As we develop your pricing we will be completely transparent and honest. You will know exactly what is going into your home and the cost involved including money allocated to VC Design and Build. It's your money, not ours, and you deserve to understand how it's being spent. Finally, we will always tell you the truth and will never compromise the quality of our construction to meet a price and win a job. Both you and our reputation are more important to us than that!


Do you have pets?

Pet washing stations are popular options for many home owners.  They can be incorporated into the laundry room or part of a dedicated pet room.

Keeping Organized

Home lockers for your children are great ways to help them keep organized.  Imagine having everything in one place, ready for school, as they head out the door.

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