Woman Centric Design

Woman Centric® It's Finally About Me!

Why Woman-Centric?

Our home designs are different.  And better.  Everywhere you look in your home, you should like what you see!  Equally important are the functional, practical aspects that enhance your home’s livability.

In addition to being beautiful, do the products being selected for your home excel at doing what they’re supposed to do, consistently, and are they reliable?  Finally, how does the home’s design and your product selections make you feel?   Nothing else reveals quite so much about ourselves to others as our homes.  What do you want your home to say about you?


Personality affects purchase.  It’s uncanny.  Design Basics research also identified four primary homeowner personas.  Discovering your home “personality” is a tremendous help in identifying aspects likely to be very important to you, and equally valuable in helping avoid wasting time on aspects you probably don’t care about.  It’s FUN!  Are you contemporary, traditional, so...

Flexible Living


Design Basics, one of America’s largest residential design firms and publisher of HER HOME magazine, discovered women primarily employ four “filters” when looking at a home’s suitability for her and her household.  How does the home’s design and products enhance entertaining?   Is there adequate storage, is it located precisely where it is needed, and would select organizational products make it even better?  How do you like to relax, or perhaps rejuvenate, at home?  Those personal spaces are golden!   And for many of us, flex areas are “must-haves.”   They could be multi-purpose rooms, or perhaps areas which accommodate different uses at different times of the year.

Discover which of the four lenses is most important to you!  Take 3 minutes to take our quiz below! 

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